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Star Analyser 100 grating

Star Analyser 100 Grating

  • $195.00

The Star Analyser 100 (SA-100) was designed specifically for amateur astronomical spectroscopy. It can be mounted on your telescope just like any other 1.25″ filter. It’s is easy to use and works with most cameras. Capturing the spectrum of a star is easy!

Use this grating with a DSLR or small telescope, and our award-winning RSpec software which is not included when you purchase this grating. 

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The video below shows some exciting examples of what you can do with a Star Analyser:


There are several ways to mount a Star Analyser grating. In addition to watching the above video, please download this easy, one-page guide: link. Or, see our calculator for mounting details: link.

Note: don't overlook our beautiful, new 24" x 36" Periodic Poster of the Spectra poster (below). See this page for details: link.



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