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Periodic Table of Spectra Poster.

Periodic Table of Spectra Poster.

  • $29.95

This beautiful 24" x 36" laminated poster shows the spectra for each element in the periodic table in brilliant colors. 

It's a great way to illustrate that each element has its own spectral "fingerprint."

This poster is a memorable teaching tool! Whether you're teaching chemistry, physics, astronomy or general science, your students will be fascinated by this beautiful and effective presentation.  

Above: a close-up of the upper left corner of the
poster showing the Hydrogen Balmer series.

US shipping:

Shipping is $10.95 via USPS Priority Mail. Delivery time is typically 2 to 3 days. Up to 3 posters can be shipped for this price.

For more economical shipping within the US, USPS Media Mail is available for $6.95. However, delivery time can be as long as 3 weeks with this service.

Also available in the US printed on metal: link.

International Shipping

International shipping is US $30. Delivery time: 2+ weeks. 

For less expensive international shipping (US $6.95), order our non-laminated version here: link.  Delivery time is typically less than a week world-wide.

Want to know more about what this poster means? Click this link.

Data source: this chart displays at equal strength and width all persistent lines from the NIST Atomic Spectra Database. Not all lines shown will be visible or of equal brightness in all laboratory settings.

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